Pictures for car part NIPPARTS J5112083

Car Part NIPPARTS J5112083, Alternator

NIPPARTS J5112083 can be used in car models

4 RUNNER 1987-1996
CRESSIDA Saloon 1984-1988
HILUX II Pickup 1982-2005

Analogs/Substitutes of NIPPARTS J5112083

Manufacturer Number Description
AINDE CGB-71802 Alternator
ASHIKA 002-T916 Alternator
ASHUKI 1533-3802 Alternator
ATL AUTOTECHNIK L 61 470 Alternator
BAUER PARTS L610422 Alternator
BLUE PRINT ADT311182 generator
BLUE PRINT ADT31156 Alternator
BOSCH 0 986 042 971 Alternator
BOSCH 0 986 049 840 Alternator
CASCO CAL40101 Alternator
CV PSH 195.807.055 Alternator
CV PSH 195.810.045 Alternator
DELCO REMY DRA3518 Alternator
DELCO REMY DRA3518N Alternator
DRI 235.034.552 Alternator
EAI 56424 Alternator
EDR 933518 Alternator
EDR 933518N Alternator
ELSTOCK 27-1802 Alternator
EUROTEC 12060354 Alternator
EUROTEC 12060355 Alternator
EUROTEC 12060714 Alternator
FARCOM 111133 Alternator
FARCOM 119280 Alternator
FARCOM 119743 Alternator
FRIESEN 9051283 Alternator
HAVAM A933518 Alternator
HC-PARTS JA1270 Alternator
HELLA 8EL 737 374-001 Alternator
HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J5112047 Alternator
HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J5112083 Alternator
JAPANPARTS ALT916 Alternator
JAPKO 2T916 Alternator
JP GROUP 4890100109 Alternator
LAUBER 11.1270 Alternator
MAGNETI MARELLI 944390512830 Alternator
MD REBUILT 59212393 Alternator
POWERMAX 9212977 Alternator
PRESTOLITE ELECTRIC 20130104 Alternator
QUINTON HAZELL 9051283 Alternator
SNRA TO8025 Alternator
SPIDAN 5694 Alternator
TOYOTA 27 020-54351 Alternator
TOYOTA 27 020-54352 Alternator
TOYOTA 27 020-54353 Alternator
TOYOTA 2702054354 Alternator
TOYOTA 2702054380 Alternator
TOYOTA 2702054381 Alternator
TOYOTA 2702054382 Alternator
TOYOTA 27020-54383 Alternator
TOYOTA 2702054700 Alternator
VALEO 437705 Alternator

Other parts with same number J5112083

Manufacturer Number Description
NIPPARTS J5112083 Alternator
HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J5112083 Alternator
LIAZ J5112083 Alternator
COMMER J5112083 Alternator
JAKOPARTS J5112083 generator
NPS J5112083 Alternator