BSG 30-400-005
Clutch Kit

Pictures for car part BSG BSG 30-400-005

Car Part BSG BSG 30-400-005 (BSG30400005), Clutch Kit

BSG BSG 30-400-005 can be used in car models

ESCORT '86 Express 1986-1990
ESCORT '91 Express 1990-1994
ESCORT '95 Box 1995-...
ESCORT IV Estate 1985-1990
ESCORT IV 1985-1990
ESCORT V Estate 1990-1992
ESCORT V 1990-1992
ESCORT VI Estate 1992-1995
ESCORT VI 1992-1995
ESCORT VI Saloon 1993-1995
ESCORT VII Estate 1995-1999
ESCORT VII 1995-1998
ESCORT VII Saloon 1995-1999
FIESTA Box 1991-1996
FIESTA Box 1983-1995
FIESTA III 1989-1997
ORION II 1985-1990
ORION III 1990-1994

Analogs/Substitutes of BSG BSG 30-400-005 (BSG30400005)

Manufacturer Number Description
ACDELCO AC753K Clutch Kit
ACDELCO AC780K Clutch Kit
BORG & BECK HK6156 Clutch Kit
EXEDY FMC734 Clutch Pressure Plate
EXEDY FMK2020 Clutch Kit
FORD 5020672 Clutch Kit
FORD 5022644 Clutch Kit
FORD 5027205 Clutch Kit
FORD 5027862 Clutch Kit
FORD 92AX7L596EA Clutch Kit
FORD R89AX7L596AA Clutch Kit
FORD R92AX7L596EA Clutch Kit
KAGER 16-0060 Clutch Kit
KAMOKA 15569280 Clutch Kit
KAWE 954433 Clutch Kit
KM GERMANY 069 0495 Clutch Pressure Plate
KM GERMANY 069 0526 Clutch Kit
LOBRO 301134 Joint, drive shaft
LUK 622 0569 00 Clutch Kit
MA-PA 001220900 Clutch Kit
MA-PA 002220500 Clutch Kit
MA-PA W01220J Clutch Kit
MA-PA W02220F Clutch Kit
MAXGEAR 61-5136 Clutch Kit
MAZDA 5020672 Clutch Kit
MAZDA 5022644 Clutch Kit
MECARM MC7037 Clutch Pressure Plate
MECARM MC7044 Clutch Pressure Plate
MECARM MD5087 Clutch Disc
MECARM MK9800 Clutch Kit
NATIONAL CK 9034 Clutch Kit
NATIONAL CK 9076 Clutch Kit
NEXUS F1G023NX Ganging package
NK 132523 Clutch Kit
PEX 16.0060 Wheel Bearing Kit
POLCAR 622056900 Комплект сцепления
POLCAR S33021 Clutch Kit
POLCAR SP801153 Комплект сцепления
POLCAR SP899037 Комплект сцепления
RAICAM RC6156 Clutch Kit
SACHS 1862 509 031 Clutch Disc
SACHS 3000 243 001 Clutch Kit
SACHS 3082 943 041 Clutch Pressure Plate
SACHS (ZF SRE) 881861 999824 Clutch Disc
SACHS (ZF SRE) 881861 999860 Clutch Disc
SASIC SCL6408 Clutch Kit
SBS 1201132523 Clutch Kit
STATIM 100.603 Clutch Kit
STATIM 21.312 Clutch Disc
STATIM 422.22.D Clutch Pressure Plate
TRW TCK2070 Clutch Kit
VALEO 801153 Clutch Kit
VALEO 899037 Clutch Kit

Other parts with same number BSG 30-400-005 (BSG30400005)

Manufacturer Number Description
BSG BSG 30-400-005 Clutch Kit